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If sex is boring, it's no wonder you're not desperate to dive into bed!The more you mix up what you do, the higher the interest.When I was single and lonely, I was either hung up on an ex), so I had zero luck getting attention from the masculine or androgynous girls I wanted to date, since I wasn’t feminine.Once I moved back to the East Coast, my dating life improved dramatically because that butch /femme framework wasn’t operating on the same level. To find your answers, ask yourself how you might be getting in your own way.Are you seeming too desperate or clingy, too eager to define the relationship after a first date? Tell her you know she thinks you’re an amazing catch, but you need a single lesbian to think so, and you are tired of searching.Are you showing these women a different side of yourself than you’re showing your friends, who see you at your most comfortable and confident? Then listen to what she has to say and be willing to change.Since my friends have gotten married and started settling down, I feel like I am being left behind. My friends tell me I’m a great catch, and they are sure the right woman is out there somewhere. Hi LB, I’m sorry you feel like you can’t find anyone. Were the girls you dated in the past fundamentally different from the women you’re interested in now? Are you really looking for the same thing now as you were back then, cause it’s a lot easier to find a hot chick for something fun than The One For The Rest of Your Life (if that’s even what you’re looking for, and if there even is a One)?You say you had no problem finding lesbian dates in the past, so I have to wonder what’s changed for you. Did you look past all kinds of red flags back then, cause you were just having fun?

It sounds like you have some loyal, supportive friends, so lean on them while you work through this.Or I’ll be online sending tons of messages, and get few replies.I feel like I rarely get a first chance, then when I do get a first chance I never make it to a second chance. The more time I spend looking for love and winding up empty handed, the more pathetic and lonely I feel.I might flirt in the club with a woman, only to have her wind up telling me she is in a relationship.Or we’ll go out on a date and she’ll tell me that she would rather be friends.

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