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It picks up the Gurkha station from Sandhurst on 1134 k Hz very nicely, whereas the NW and NNW aerials yield L&D Hospital Radio.

Sunday 30 March 2008 MW - TWR Benin have a slightly revised programme schedule for their new transmitter in Benin on 1566 k Hz.

R Mistletoe listener letters, pop music til good MH 6220.00 ? R Mistletoe repeat of show just finished on 6240 good MH 6294.98 ? unid music weak MH 6273.55 NED Magic AM music, email address good MH Magic AM on 6273 k Hz. unid Dire Straits (Walk of Life) fair MH 6281.04 ? unid Bee Gees (Tragedy) weak MH 6280 TWN Sound of Hope Tanshui OM/YL talk, music fair MH Friday 24 December 2010 SW - The Voice Asia signed on at midnight with seemingly poor audio on a strong carrier, but came good a minute or so later. 6260 UZB The Voice Asia s/on, YL and music, English text number fair MH The Voice Asia ID, jingle and text number (in English).

R Geronimo German show, pop fair MH Geronimo later on talking about e QSLs. unid pop weak MH 6271.00 NED Crazy Wave R goodbyes, Final Countdown, Muppets fair MH 6280.00 ? Female presenter in Hindi (Treesa Bhatti) but an English OM at with "The Voice Asia ... 6280 TWN Sound of Hope Tanshui OM/YL (seeming like two statons on chan) fair MH Thursday 23 December 2010 SW - Pink Panther slightly stronger than yesterday. Conditions to Far East much subdued compared to previous days. 6325.00 NED Pink Panther Radio mix of music, IDs, email address weak MH Three segments of Pink Panther Radio 0930-10 k Hz.

Found an unstable signal from Iran which spent most of the time on 6066.6 but jumped around every so often (jump not drift).Antonio R music weak MH 6285.00 NED R North Pole music, Slade, off at fair MH R North Pole closedown at 1033. 6303.55 NED R Baken 16 Billie Jean, no ID fair MH 6283.12 NED R Sallandse Boer music, Dutch DJ weak MH 6281.13 NED unid station music v wk MH 6305.77 NED Skywire R Dire Straits, ID, off at weak MH 6325.00 NED Pink Panther Radio mix of music, few IDs (in QSB) v wk MH Pink Panther Radio GMT 6325 k Hz. 6297.14 NR of SADR Arabic talk and music 22.59 music, YL, OM IDs in Arabic SADR top of hour IDs. 6260 UZB Voice Asia (Tashkent) . music . time pips . OM in English "You're tuned to 6260 k Hz 49 metreband .... SW - The Voice Asia (CVC International) from Tashkent on 6260 k Hz, with English ID at in an otherwise Hindi programme. V weak modulation on strong carrier R Cairo pips and German ID 6225 AFS RTE via Meyerton Book reviews fair MH 6230 TWN WYFR via Bau Jong OM/YL, ID, Thine be the Glory, until 2359 weak MH Sunday 19 December 2010 Memories - European Music Radio programmes from 20 August 1978.16.33 6260 UZB The Voice Asia music, OM /YL talk poor MH 17.35 6297.21 NR of SADR local music fair MH 17.40 6285 KRE V of Korea OM in Russian fair MH 17.42 6280 IND AIR Gen Overseas Svce .42 1 k Hz tuning tone .43 Interval Signal .45 OM ID and freqs 11935 7400 9415 Africa : 9445 7410 6120 W Europe: 7550 6280 9950 Programme Summary to .47 Devotional Music good MH 17.50 6240 MDA R PMR Pridnestrovye .50 tuning tone .00 pips starting at Govorit ... good MH R PMR pips and Russian ID at 1800 6280 EGY R Cairo pips starting at fair MH OM Um den funf ... Saturday 8 November 2008 MW - Finally got an ID from Celtic Music Radio on 1530 k Hz, with their ID at 40 seconds past the top of the hour audible while Pulse! I've been trying to get a positive ID from them for the past 6 months at least ... Saturday 19 April 2008 MW - Littoral AM is on-air on 1593 k Hz in standard AM mode.

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abruptly off at 2130, but back by 2145 fair MH Wednesday 13 February 2008 MW - 1386 k Hz was only populated by UK LPAMs in the early hours, with Carillon very weak most of the time, and Anker Radio popping up at 0103 with a weather forecast and ID.

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